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The best source for parents raising healthy athletic girls

Our Values

We believe in building a sisterhood 
We believe in supportive environments that allow girls to explore their strengths 
We believe in the power of strong body and a positive mindset through social-emotional health

Join America's fastest growing sports community for girls!

Do you have a daughter who struggles to fit in with her peers, has self-doubt and gets easily frustrated, or shuts down due to social or performance pressures and anxiety? We know you want to raise a daughter who is empowered and confident with the mindset of a Champion, but you don't know where to start. That's why we put together the first-ever official youth development program dedicated to girls health. 

The Ladybug for Girls Clubhouse is a private invitation-only sports community of moms, dads, teachers and coaches who want to support the next generation of female athletes. We bring together parents of emerging All-Star club cheerleaders, dance teams, gymnasts, and sporty girls' in tennis, golf, soccer, running and swimming ages 5-12 years who want to make sure their daughter is confident with a strong mind and body. Ladybug for Girls provides health and sports safety resources for parents who want to raise athletes with a positive mindset to become Champions. All while having fun!

Our interactive curriculum is backed by evidence-based behavioral research. It has been developed in partnership with Emory University School of Medicine and meets the National Health Education Standards (NHES) for the CDC's promotion of healthy behaviors in children. We focus on three fundamental skills girls need to learn for success in life: Eat Smarter, Move their Body, and have a Positive Mindset.

We are America's leaders in health education and sports safety exclusively for girls. Together we will empower girls to build healthy habits, boost their self-confidence and enhance girls’ participation in sports by developing a mindset to become Champions!

What is the Clubhouse?

Our virtual clubhouse is a sports community where parents come together to make connections, to learn and engage in dynamic discussions, and to get health and sports safety resources that gives athletic girls a competitive edge.We're aiming to make your experience here awesome! 

5 Key Things You'll Get from Your Membership:

  1. Exclusive access to health education classes that you can't find anywhere else
  2. Find sports safety resources and injury prevention articles from trusted sources
  3. Get expert tips and information on topics such as body image, eating healthy, good sportsmanship, and building self-esteem
  4. Learn tips and evidence-based strategies from the pioneers in girls health education
  5. Be the first to hear about special offers, events, and sports resources exclusively for girls

Why Parents Choose Us

Parents #1 choice to learn, share and receive support for the next generation of athletes

Parents have been choosing Ladybug for Girls® as their #1 choice to provide health education and sports safety resources since 2008. Here's why we're America's leaders in health education for girls: 

"My daughter had a great golf experience. She was enthusiastic about sharing what she learned. Particularly things that she felt I was not aware of. She has always enjoyed physical activities so she was always open to more things outdoors. This was an overall positive experience and an opportunity to interact with different girls." -L. Rice (Level 4)

"Introducing my daughter to yoga was great! It helped her with gymnastics and breathing through her asthma!" -D. Jackson (Level 1) 

"My daughter had low self-esteem before joining. She was very shy. Since we've been involved she has learned how to be a healthy girl and she is more confident." -R. Yanez (Level 5)

"Ladybug is Awesome for both me and my daughter! We loved making the healthy snack recipes together. Thanks for all that you do!"        -Dr. L. Price (Level 3)

"My daughter likes to lead our families yoga mornings. We now take turns, instead of just me. She knows positions I didn't know and feels more confident." -A. Lawton (Level 2)

Discover the brand that is Made for Champions! Help girls learn to embrace, own, and love their mind and bodies enough to believe their potential is limitless.

The Ladybug for Girls Clubhouse really is a special place and is more dedicated than ever to your daughter, her well-being, and her future.  Become a part of building a transformative community for parents of Champions by joining TODAY! #HappyHealthyGirls

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